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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 13.

A sweaty mess of naked limbs twisted in each other they lay on the floor in front of the couch, which had turned out to be not as big as expected shortly before he had brought her to her second orgasm of the night. Exhausted and with her head resting on his bare chest, she listened to his still a bit too fast heartbeat. “Good god, I could need some of this when we go back on tour.” He laughed silently and let his fingers wander over the bite mark he had left on her hip earlier. “Oh, I’m sure you’re going to meet a lot of women who will be more than happy to help you out.” She felt his chest rise when he took a deep breath. “Yeah.” That was all he said before he fell back into silence. His simple reply made something twitch in her body and she quickly straightened herself up. Grabbing her nearby panties to put them back on.  

 “I need a smoke” she explained to him before he could even ask where she was going. Having no idea where her dress had ended up, she picked up his blazer that still was hanging over the backrest. She put it on and closed one of the buttons. An approving growl rung out from behind her. “Can you do me a favor and never wear anything else again?” he commented on her new outfit. She turned around to give him a cheeky grin, before heading to the dining room where she had left her purse. She grabbed the whole package of cigarettes and her lighter and went to the small terrace, one reached through the kitchen.

Enjoying the feeling of the cold tiles underneath her bare feet she stepped out into the dark. She lightened one of the cigarettes and made a deep drag. The silence around her was giving her the opportunity to think about what just happened. She had known what she would get herself into when she gave him her number, but now it had somehow felt weird to hear him admit that he would have sex with god knows how many women during the next weeks his band would be on tour through the US.

She was nothing else than one of many. A quick release, only a call away. But it was herself that wanted it be this way. Wasn’t she just fucking pathetic? Falling for a guy she had met just a few weeks ago, just because he fucked her a few times. She just couldn’t let this happen. It would be the best to end this right now. Not that there actually was anything she could end.

She pushed out the rest of the cigarette in the ashtray that was standing on a small table and immediately put another one in the corner of her mouth, when she heard the terrace door open. He had put his pants back on and they hung dangerously low on his hips. He held his phone in his hands and had a mischievous smile on his lips. “What are you doing?” she asked, turning her head towards him while trying her best to sound completely normal. “Just making sure I’ll never forget this sight.” She didn’t say anything against it. He could have a half-naked picture of her if he wanted. “You could have at least given me time to fix my makeup” she joked halfheartedly. “Nah, you look perfect.” A small smile flashed over her lips at his compliment and she turned her head again to look back into the darkness of his backyard.

“You think too much, you know that?” He must have noticed that she was once again lost deep in her thoughts. “Just listen to your gut. It’s much easier.” If only that would really be so easy. Listening to her gut never ended good for her. Not really knowing what to say she stood there in silence, chewing on her lower lip. He got himself a cigarette out of her package and joined her. They must look pretty funny. He in just a pair of loose pants and she in just a blazer in which she could fit in twice.

“You gonna visit me on tour? I promised you that special VIP ticket after all.” He chuckled and she could feel his eyes linger on her. “Shannon, I…” she started but didn’t finish. Just say no, damnit. But instead of her it was him who started talking again, like he knew what was going on in her head. “I like you, Faye. And I want to get to know you.” - “But…” she interrupted him, but he put his hand up to signal her to stop talking. “Yes, I know you said that I wouldn’t want to get to know you. And honestly I think that’s bullshit. But if that’s what you want, fine. I won’t force you to tell me every detail about yourself. But I won’t just treat you like a piece of meat I fuck whenever I feel like to and then throw out of my house.”

She looked at him with big eyes. A speech like this was the last thing she had expected. “So, will you visit me?” he asked again after a while. And she couldn’t do anything else, but nod. Completely forgetting about the decision, to end whatever was going on between them, she had made just a few minutes ago. “Good. I’ll tell you when we’re playing close to LA” He smiled and kissed her forehead before he snipped the cigarette into the ashtray and left her alone, more confused than ever.

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